Cherwell Enterprise Services

Platform for Business Process Management and Automation

The most flexible solution on the market

Find out how you can use the Cherwell Service Management enterprise service management platform to streamline business processes and automate your business workflows, such as Human Resources, Facilities Management, Organizational Compliance (Security), Project Management and more ...

Extended Service Management for Your Business

Thousands of custom applications have been designed and built on the Cherwell Service Management platform, streamlining business processes and automating workflows such as Human Resource Management (HR), Workplace Management (facilities), Loan Processing (Finance) and organizational compliance (security), among many others. With Cherwell Merged Applications (mApp), you don't need advanced development resources or consultants to create new business applications; Just download an mApp, or even create a new one in your Cherwell environment and instantly your resources will be expanded to other areas of the business.

Agile Appreciation

CWith comprehensive enterprise solutions, codeless setup, and numerous downloadable integrations and extensions, you can quickly deliver new services and functionality to your employees. Cherwell also has less administrative overhead and faster upgrades, enabling IT to deliver more value in less time.

Reduce your licensing costs

Unifying shared services on a single platform creates significant value and reduces administrative burden, computing costs, licensing and maintenance. Approximately 70% of our business customers have achieved great returns by deploying services and applications beyond the core ITSM.

Cherwell has a flexible, modern licensing model that fully meets our customers' needs. Perpetual licensing, annual subscription and mensak, installed locally, on Private Cloud or SaaS.

 Improve your productivity

Delivering automated digital services through a self-service portal improves work speed and accuracy, resulting in increased user productivity. Automating everyday activities so that employees streamline their work creates a great and productive operating experience.


Traditional model for software implementation.

SaaS ou Cloud Computing Cherwell

Cherwell or Cloud Host Publishes Cloud Computing via Microsft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Private Cloud Computing in Brazil

Private Cloud Computing model, with the possibility of high availability, scalability, monitoring, technical support and security resources in the main data centers in Brazil.

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