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Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software is a privately owned American technology company specializing in ITSM and ITAM products. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, they have offices in the United Kingdom and Europe. Recognized by Gartner, Forrester Research and Forbes as one of the most innovative companies in the market.

G4G Services

A G4G é o resultado da junção de empresas líderes em serviços e soluções de Governança Riscos e Compliance para áreas de TI. Com mais de 10 anos de experiência apoiando a transformação de vários programas de governança de TI e Segurança da Informação, que se tornaram cases de sucesso, decidimos consolidar essa trajetória em uma perspectiva bem mais abrangente. Surge então a G4G com um modelo de atuação em GRC no nível do negócio. 

FireScope - Resolve

FireScope, Inc. provides Software-as-a-Service-based enterprise monitoring solutions. Provides cloud-based, enterprise-scale IT services monitoring and DDM solutions. Its solutions include service performance management, IT analytics, and more. FireScope is a Resolve Company.

FixStream - AIOps

FixStream is one of the leading US companies developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for IT Operations. Its main focus is to support companies with solutions that detect, identify and solve IT problems.

Aivo Chatbot

Aivo began its activities in Argentina in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing communication between companies and their customers. Today, the pursuit of customer happiness is the reason we get up every morning, and giving people back time our ultimate goal.


AutomationEdge is the preferred provider of IT automation and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. AutomationEdge helps organizations automate their common, repetitive, rule-based vertical tasks.

Spread Tecnologia

With 30 years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology market, Spread has extensive experience and competence in the field and has the challenge of daring, bringing the future of technology to the present of its customers. Considered one of the largest providers and integrators in Communication and Collaboration, Managed Systems and Services, it has over 300 clients in the finance, government, telecom, industry, retail, education and healthcare sectors. With 12 branches throughout Brazil, located in the cities of Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, Spread has more than 2,500 employees working and serving customers throughout the country.

Engemon IT

Founded in 1990, Engemon Engenharia has always aimed to be a company differentiated from others, building solutions and technology with commitment and responsibility, meeting the needs of our customers and since then we have remained in the market with different projects, serving all areas of engineering. . To meet the growing demand for IT solutions in the industry and thereby offer even more integrated capabilities to its customers, Engemon announces its new company: Engemon IT.

Nexa Tecnologia & Outsourcing is a company specialized in corporate IT solutions, working with IP Communications Projects and IT Service Management.

4MAP IT Consulting

With professionals with over 15 years of experience in cost management and IT resources. They specialize in designing architectural solutions aligned with each client's business needs. Consultants in Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and IT Governance have extensive experience in scenario analysis and transformation roadmap designs based on enterprise architecture framework (TOGAF).

ABTI Tecnologia

Fundada em junho de 2014, a ABTI Tecnologia tem seu foco principal na Consultoria e Integração de Soluções em TI. Expertises como, Gerenciamento baseado na Monitoração e Automação da Infraestrutura da TI, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Segurança da Informação (LGPD), Governança (Help Desk/Service Desk), Devops e Banco de Dados, Alocação de recursos nas áreas de TI de Empresas nos mais diversos segmentos. Atuamos em todas as plataformas de TI (Mainframe, Sistemas Distribuídos).

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G4G Services

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